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Distant… But not Deserted


Let’s take a moment and think about some of the things or people in our lives that create a gap between us and God. Now, take another moment and think about if you’re letting things or people create this gap, and then ask yourself if these things or people are producing distance? Well, last Sabbath, Pastor Byrd spoke about being distant …but not deserted through the story of Jonah. Jonah was running from God’s instructions to go to Nineveh, and Pastor Byrd broke down Jonah’s disobedience into 7 points:


  1. Whenever you disobey God, you’re going down- Nothing good comes out of disobedience and your sins will find you out.
  2. Whenever you disobey God, you will always find a ship- Disobedience creates a way for a blockage, or a willing vessel to lead you away from God (friendships, and relationships).
  3. Whenever you disobey God, it’s going to cost you- Disobedience isn’t free.
  4. After you go down, in a ship, and pay the fare, you will face a storm-Be careful who you associate yourself with because someone else’s sins can get you in trouble.
  5. Disobedience creates distance between you and God- This distance makes us stop reading the Bible, going to church, drinking and eating foods we shouldn’t and going places we shouldn’t.
  6. Distance from God doesn’t mean desertion by God- He wants to hear from YOU today!
  7. When facing a storm… PRAY!- Pray without ceasing through the good and the bad.


As a community, you are not alone, and God is waiting for you! No matter your vices, addictions, or strongholds God has called us His friends and instead of running and allowing that sin to create distance, He wants us to come back home! 


P.S. Join OUC next week for Social Justice Emphasis Sabbath with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, where we will find out about how the gospel is Social Justice. See you there! 

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