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Pastor Raphael Charts the Course for Oaktown

Remember that song we sang as children:

Jesus loves the little children, 

all the children of the world

red, yellow, black and white

they are precious in his sight… 

We were happily singing that tune and other songs like it in children’s church, children’s chapel, or Vacation Bible School. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Childhood is a very impressionable stage in life where songs and bible verses can find roots in young minds and Pastor Raphael is sowing spiritual seeds here at the Oakwood University Church with Children’s Ministries! Recently, Pastor Raphael shared his plans for taking children’s ministry to the next level!

He shares how he had never dreamed of working with children. He majored in computer science, but was later called by God to study theology at Pacific Union College in Angwin, California.  Nevertheless, he still didn’t want to work with young people, and it wasn’t until his very own children were victims of a crime that the Holy Spirit impressed him to accept the call to children’s ministry. 

This past January, Pastor Raphael joined the Oakwood team as the full-time children’s pastor, where he works with children ranging from ages 0-12. Also, Pastor Raphael is reintroducing children’s church which will start the second weekend in October. One significant element to this renewed ministry initiative is that Oakwood University students can volunteer! Pastor Raphael has invited students and other committed volunteers to participate in this growing ministry. 

Finally, Pastor Raphael shared some key values that will be the foundation of the OakTown Community. He also wants these values to characterize those who join children ministries. These values are: teamwork, unity and the commitment to being an inclusive community not exclusive! 

If you would like to volunteer, stop by Pastor Raphael’s office or call the church at 256-837-1255.