Dr. Toussaint Williams

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Dr. Toussaint Williams was born in New Orleans, LA but spent most of his developmental years in Houston, TX. For his senior year in high school, he attended Pine Forge Academy in Pine Forge, PA, where he met his beautiful wife, LaKeisha.

After graduating from Pine Forge Academy, he enrolled in Oakwood College (now University). Looking to complete his requirement for religion classes, he enrolled in “Introduction to Ministry”, but did not realize the class was for theology majors. At the course’s end, he realized that he was not in the class by accident.

After graduating from Oakwood College, Dr. Williams received a call to serve in the South Central Conference and went to Andrews Theological Seminary to complete a Master’s of Divinity.

Dr. Williams has had a number of adventures as he has followed God. He was given the opportunity to pastor two churches in Kentucky where his oldest son, Eleazar was born. The adventure in pastoral ministry moved him to Birmingham, AL where his second son Uriah was born. Both the Kentucky and Birmingham, AL pastoral assignments provided lifelong relationships where the Williams family was able to connect with his church members and the community.

Dr. Williams also has experience in campus life. In 2009, he accepted the invitation to serve as the chaplain and religion instructor at Pine Forge Academy. From 2012 – 2016 he had the privilege to serve as an Associate Pastor at the Oakwood University Church, where he also taught numerous classes in both the Religion & Theology and the Social Work Department for the University. In addition to his pastoral and teaching responsibilities, he completed a Ph.D. in Character Education in 2016. He most recently managed a concierge dental practice while completing an MBA with an emphasis in Finance.

Dr. Williams and his wife are lifelong learners. His wife, LaKeisha, is also an Oakwood graduate. She is currently serving as a V.P. of Oakwood Adventist Academy. She too will be completing a Ph.D. in a few semesters.

From his beginning in pastoral ministry to the present, Dr. Williams has purposed in his heart to follow the Lamb wherever He goes. He has discovered that life’s journey brings uncertainties and calls for an unwavering faith. But, every day, his commitment to God continues to grow stronger.

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