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There is Peace in the Storm

Have you ever been through emotional, physical and/or spiritual turmoil and faith just didn’t seem like enough? This past Wednesday night, Jordan Harden reminded us through personal testimony of healing that there is true peace in the storm! Jordan spoke out of the book of Mark 4: 35-40, in which  there were three points he wanted us to remember:

1. Acknowledge your storm God will test our faith to show us what we need to change in our lives. We need not deny our struggles and pain, but rather we need to acknowledge what we’ve gone through to push through our current storm.


2. Let it go Think of a situation you’ve been holding on to and let it go! What you’ve been through or what you’re going through right now does not define you! Go to your heavenly father and tell him about your pain and allow Him to give you TRUE peace from your hardships.


3. Let Him work God does not call the qualified, but He qualifies people! Do not run from God, run to Him, He wants to hear from you today! God doesn’t sit high and look low onto his children, but we serve a mighty God, that listens to all of his children’s needs. You’ve just got to let Him work!  


As we go day-to-day, never forget what God has done for you, never forget how He has brought you out of various situations that could have cost you, your life. Remember to always depend on his strength to push through the pain to acknowledging your storm, let go of the strongholds the enemy has put on your life, and let God heal from the inside, out!