Community Baby Children’s Blessing & Dedication

On May 6, Oakwood University Church will host a Community Baby Children’s Blessing & Dedication. There will be giveaways, a baby shower and a luncheon.
To register to have your child blessed, click the button below:

How can I help?

We want to bless the community and local parents with their most unmet needs and bridge the gap with some tangible gifts as a blessing from our church. We need YOUR HELP!

Please look at the following list and select things that you can donate. There will be donation bins located in the church office so you can drop your donations off at any time. We are looking to flood our community families with tangible blessings to help their children. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Here are the Items needed to collect for the Baby Shower

What Can Everyone Can Bring:
Diaper (Everyone donate 1 (one) pack/box
Wipes (one pack/box)
Baby Formula (All Kinds & Brands & Sizes)
$10 Gas cards

Deacons/Deaconess/ Elders
* Toilet paper (all brands & sizes)
* Toddler Snacks

Sabbath School Ministry
* Baby Bibs
* Digital thermometer

Music Ministry & Prayer Ministry
* Pacifiers
* Pack of Pull-ups

Education Ministry
* Board books
* Kids School Supplies

Sports & Recreation
* Kids Sports Items
* Kids Water bottles

Family Ministries
* Diaper Bags
* Diaper rash cream (Desitin, A&E)
* Baby Lotion

Pathfinder & Adventurer Ministry
* Baby bath products
* Baby washcloths and Towels

Youth  & Young Adult Ministry
* Baby Onesies (Sizes Newborn – 5T)
* Plastic baby spoons

* Receiving blankets
* Baby socks

Security Ministry/Senior Ministry
* Laundry Detergent
* Baby bottles

New Members/Singles Ministry
* Sippy cups (6-18mo)
* Toddler plates & cups

Children’s Ministry & Board Members
* Kids Toothbrushes, Soap, & Lotion
* Kids Towels
* Baby & Kids Toys of all ages

All Other Ministries
* Parent care items
* Soap, Lotion, Candle, Bath Items, Face Care, Nail Care, travel hygiene items, Lip moisturizer
* Shaving Items
* Baby socks
* Babycare items (band-aids/nail clippers/hair care)

We are asking each ministry to donate at least a few diapers. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you there.