Online/Virtual Services.

Winifred C. Rivers

Reflections with friends & family: A Celebration of a life, music & ministry.

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Oaktown Children’s Sabbath School

(Immediately Following Service)

Youth Sabbath School Discussion Starters

Adult Sabbath School at 10:30am

Virtual Worship Experience at 11:00am

Monday Bible Study at 6:00pm

Meeting ID: 852 1400 8329

Passcode: 873929

Wednesday Youth Bible Study at 5:30pm

Meeting ID: 614 035 0754

Passcode: 861008

Abundant Living Life Enrichment Series, Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting, 7pm

Meeting ID: 971 6317 2965

Wednesday Night ATTIC at 7:30pm

Wednesday Young Adult Check-in & Prayer at 7:00pm

Meeting ID: 925 9600 8150

Passcode: 100831

Friday Night “Uncut” at 8:00pm

Friday Young Adult Bible Study at 8:00pm

Meeting ID: 948 6252 9844

Passcode: 707877

Adult Sabbath After Glow, Sabbath School Discussion

Meeting ID: 248 004 3316

Passcode: 4321